Travis Melvin

Wordpress | Digital | Consulting

Professional Experience


Marketing Manager - Van West Media | New York, NY
  • Oversee new client website projects
  • Maintain, update & troubleshoot websites
  • Manage task & timelines between clients, vendors and dev teams
  • Create, Optimize & Publish Content
  • Analyze Analytics, Search Console & Visitor Data

Co-Founder - Click Revolver Corp. | California & New York
  • Web marketing, affiliate marketing & WordPress consulting
  • Hosting, migrations, optimization and vulnerability diagnosis
  • WordPress audits, content creation and general site updates
  • Google Analytics, AdWords and Email marketing

Internet Marketing Coordinator - SmartSource Rentals | New York, NY
  • Optimize, update and maintain all websites for B2B company with 25 locations
  • Audit multiple sites, vendors, hosting contracts from acquisitions
  • Optimize multiple regional and national websites for SEO and compliance
  • Manage PPC campaigns, AdWords, Google Analytics & goal tracking
  • Worked directly with SVP and CEO on new website build and launch

Projects & Other Experience


WordPress Consulting

Multiple Clients | Custom Builds | Migrations | Support
  • WordPress hosting, migrations, integratinos and backups
  • Content optimization, editing, original copy writing
  • Troubleshooting, support, core & plugin updates

Lived & Worked in Central America

Nicaragua and all of Central America
  • Lived and worked at a hostel in Laguna De Apoyo, Nicaragua
  • Managed staff, operations & guests
  • Traveled throughout all countries in Central America

General Web Experience

Various clients and projects
  • Reseller host for various static and dynamic websites
  • Google Analytics, Search Console, GTM & Adwords experience
  • A/B Testing, AWS Console, Email marketing & blog writing


MS Business Management & Leadership

City University of New York, School of Professional Studies | New York, NY
Magna Cum Laude

BS Telecommunications, Applied Computing and Multimedia

California State University, Monterey Bay | Seaside, CA
Cum Laude